A Way To Help Right Now

09/04/2020 News

Are you looking for a way to help out during this crisis? Can you help vulnerable people in your area? Do you need help while you self-isolate or do you know someone that needs help?

Members of our team here at Fair Vote UK have helped Citizen Sector and Tectonica volunteer-build and launch a free app called WeGotYou that helps volunteers connect with people in need.

The idea is simple:

  1. Users can make requests for help (for themselves or for someone else) to collect shopping, pick up medication or simply walk the dog.
  2. Other users can then see the requests that are closest to them and take immediate action to help.

If you’re self-isolating and need help or you’re able to help your neighbours in need, check out the WeGotYou website here!

This crisis has already shown us countless inspiring examples of people volunteering to help their local communities. WeGotYou hopes to supplement and assist this incredible work and give volunteers the tools they need to be at their most effective.

We know, however, that lots of the most vulnerable people are not always online. Crucially, WeGotYou allows people to request help for others, whether they be an elderly neighbour up the road or a relative in another part of the country.

So if you can, sign up at WeGotYou.

Also, please don’t forget our ongoing consultation ‘COVID-19 and Democracy’. You can take part in our questionnaire here. We’d love to hear from you!