Launching An APPG on Electoral Campaigning Transparency

09/05/2019 APPG, News

We are launching an initiative to strengthen our democracy and improve our transparency standards in our elections. Fair Vote will be serving as secretariat to an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Electoral Campaigning Transparency to be chaired by Stephen Kinnock MP.

It’s a major step forward in changing our laws to improve our democracy.

Our membership will aim to include MPs from all parties of the House because our scope of work is intentionally focused on common sense, cross-partisan areas of concern: transparency, deterrence and monitoring.

This APPG is built on Fair Vote’s recommendations and will be pushing for “quick win” reforms to electoral campaigning transparency including:

  • Giving the Election Commission more powers to punish and deter offenders;

  • Reporting campaign spending online;

  • Ending financial transfers between aligned campaigning groups;

  • Strengthening digital campaigning laws.

And, as soon as it is created, the APPG will be investigating major areas including:

  • Funding and spending on campaigns (to include issues such as where money comes from, money spent outside of regulated periods (e.g. database creation, involvement of third parties/external agencies etc), reporting on spending (e.g. breakdown of social media spend, reporting in real time), local and national spending limits and regulating the difference;

  • Online political campaign adverts (to include but not be limited to: imprints, public searchable ad databases and codes of practice for campaigners);

  • Investigatory and enforcement powers of the Electoral Commission;

  • Possible regulatory frameworks to ensure maintenance of laws put in place.


Find out more about the APPG here