Can You Help Fair Vote UK Defend Our Democracy?

25/06/2020 News

Beyond our democracy reform work, we have worked to be at the forefront of tackling new threats as they arise. The most obvious example is the impact of Covid-19 on democracy. As of writing more than 60 elections around the world have been postponed or cancelled as a result of the pandemic.

Seeing how Covid-19 threatened to undermine the practices and institutions of democracy itself, we responded by launching a consultation that became the report Democracy in the Age of Pandemic published last week.

Its recommendations – which can be summarised as high-tech Parliament, low-tech elections – are designed to prepare our democracy for debilitating crises of this sort.

We have taken the report to MPs and will be submitting its recommendations to the Procedure Committee’s inquiry into Parliament’s temporary (and currently threatened) Covid-19 practices.

There has been some talk of suspending next year’s Senedd elections because of the pandemic.

This is unacceptable in a mature democracy.

This work isn’t easy or straightforward but it’s essential, which is why we need to ask our supporters like you to chip in and ensure we can keep the pressure on to make sure no more elections are postponed.

We know times are tough right now and the civil society space is no different. Can you chip in £20 or whatever you can today to ensure we can keep fighting?

We’re a near totally volunteer team and we couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you,

The Fair Vote UK Team.

P.S. Can you donate £20 or whatever you can today to ensure we can fight to make sure no more elections are postponed?