Civil Society is Ready to Tackle Election Safeguarding Reform

13/03/2020 News

The campaign to electoral safeguarding reform that is fit for the digital age takes many forms. Fair Vote UK is working with UK, Scottish and Welsh governments to ensure the right legislation is passed and structural reforms are put in place so that our elections are not vulnerable to dark money, disinformation and electoral misdemeanours. Civil society is a vital aspect of this campaign. 


We’re delighted to say that we will be working with groups such as the Electoral Reform Society, Open Rights Group, Privacy International, Transparency International, Global Witness, Digital Action and experts from Bangor University. The inaugural meeting of the civil society coalition, which took place on 4th March, was a step to ensuring that this issue remains at the top of the decision maker’s agenda. Moving forward member organisations will be working in concert with each other to complement each other’s policy priorities and to de-conflict campaigning work to avoid duplication. 


We will be working together with these organisations to make sure the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments act now to safeguard elections. We will keep you updated as the coalition progresses.