Send us your information

Cheating is wrong, no matter who does it. What we know so far suggests Vote Leave may have cheated to win the referendum. If you have other evidence about cheating on either side, please reach out to us and share it. We will work to get it to the appropriate institutions. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Below are a few ways for you to send us information of any type safely, securely, and anonymously. You can also send an unencrypted message.


Signal is a free messaging application for your phone that is encrypted end-to-end for messages and calls between two users. Signal retains your phone number and the last time you accessed the app. It does not retain metadata about the call, or the message/call content itself.

Our signal number is +44 161 850 4073

Email / PGP

Our general email inbox is If you’d like to encrypt your message before sending it (we recommend it) we use PGP and our fingerprint is:

8486 CB6A C9D6 A80E DA30 21DD 2BD2 3663 6BD2 97F6

Please remember that encrypted email still reveals the header and sender information, only encrypting the message content and attachments.


Post is a great, though slower, way to reach us. It is the best way to send original source material and is one of the most secure ways to communicate, so long as you do not include a return address.

At present, we’re unable to offer this form of contact. We expect to be able to soon.