Elections are democratic events. Democracy is a way of life.

12/11/2020 News

“Elections are democratic events. Democracy is a way of life.”

→ Kyle Taylor, Founder & Director of Fair Vote UK.

Kyle was speaking at an Aspen Institute Live Webinar on the 22nd of October and the words have already taken on heightened meaning. The conversation, ‘The Future of Data and Democracy’, is now available to listen to here.

The news from the USA may be good but the fight is not over.

Indeed, with establishment Republicans showing a worrying willingness to indulge Trump’s election lies, that fight may have already arrived and it’s not even been a week.

Yet even when Biden is finally secure in the White House (which is not a foregone conclusion), that should not be a sign to rest on our laurels. All progressives and reformers must push his administration to implement the reforms to democracy, regulation and big tech that are so desperately needed.

There have been some promising early signs that this is on the Biden team’s agenda.

Let’s keep them to their word.

Here in the UK the fight is also heating up.

Despite spending years degrading the news and information landscape to devastating effect, Facebook have had one of its top executives put on a panel to advise on UK broadcasting rules by our Government.

Do we want a Government that has the interests of citizens or the interests of big business and big tech at heart? The two are increasingly mutually exclusive. 

Biden’s victory in the USA is being talked of as a turning point. 

It can be, but only if we remain vigilant.