It’s not what it says. It’s what it doesn’t say.

18/02/2020 News

Last week the Government published its Online Harms White Paper – the first announcement from the Government since its consultation into “online harms”, which ran from April to the end of June 2019. Kyle Taylor, founder of Fair Vote UK, has published a piece in the Byline Times responding to the announcement. Shockingly, on the crucial issue of disinformation, fake news and online harms to democracy the government’s response is conspicuously silent. Given the role that technology played in the wrongdoings during and since the EU Referendum, this omission is glaring. Fair Vote UK and the APPG on Electoral Campaigning Transparency have 20 recommendations that the Government could implement now that would protect our democracy in the digital age. No more consulting, it’s time for action.


You can find a link to the article here.