Letter to Nadine Dorries: Our “Menu” for a Rights Protecting OSB

07/07/2022 News

Fair Vote UK has written to the Culture Secretary alongside 15 other civil society organisations to warn the government that their Online Safety Bill is “on the verge of being unworkable“. This letter lays out the big problems with the bill – and our “menu” of amendments for a robust, rights-protecting framework for digital regulation.


The signatory organisations include.

  • Unlock Democracy
  • Open Britain
  • Reset
  • Institute for Strategic Dialogue
  • Hope Not Hate
  • 5Rights Foundation
  • Catch22
  • Cybersalon.org
  • HackedOff
  • Chayn
  • Centenary Action Group
  • Glitch
  • The Signals Network
  • New Economics Foundation
  • Queer AF
  • Demos’s Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM)