New whistleblower evidence released

12/04/2018 News

New material provided by a third whistleblower and published by The Fair Vote Project makes clear just how intimate the relationship between Vote Leave and BeLeave was as well as how Vote Leave came to know of AggregateIQ (AIQ), answering a key question that had yet to be answered.

Statement from the legal representative of the third whistleblower – Tamsin Allen, Partner, Bindmans LLP, to frame their relevance:

“I represent Mark Gettleson, who was one of the three people to volunteer evidence and documents to the Electoral Commission.  Mr Gettleson worked for the Vote Leave campaign providing website and communications services between February and April 2016 and created the BeLeave campaign concept and website for Vote Leave.  He also introduced Aggregate IQ to the Vote Leave campaign. His evidence demonstrates how closely linked the Vote Leave and BeLeave campaigns were during the period he worked there, and leading counsel relied on this evidence in coming to conclusions that there are grounds to suspect overspending offences in the referendum. Mr Gettleson had hoped to remain anonymous, but is aware that the publication of the full Opinion will lead some to identify him, despite his name not being recorded.  He has made the decision in the public interest to release relevant emails sent during the period when he was working for the Vote Leave campaign (which will also identify him). He does not propose to give media interviews and asks that his personal privacy is respected.”