Our Day In Court – Mississippi Hearing

31/01/2020 News

While it has been quite some time, we finally have some exciting news on the Mississippi Court Case. In October last year we instructed the Carson Law Group in Mississippi to pursue further legal action against Arron Banks and his companies. The work with Carson Law Group to get a preservation order to secure voter data that is allegedly held in Mississippi by Eldon Insurance and/or Big Data Dolphins has now reached the courts.

In its ongoing effort to help determine whether UK citizen’s data was off-shored by some of Arron Banks’ companies, yesterday Fair Vote UK had a hearing in court in Mississippi in pursuit of a preservation and production order. Our original lawsuit – backed by the ICO – was dismissed on purely procedural grounds. Having now satisfied all the requirements of the court, with still no documents produced by Arron Banks’ companies, we are optimistic about our chances for success.

As you’ll be aware, important legal challenges like this one are time-consuming and expensive but we refuse to let the powerful get away if they’ve committed wrongs. Please consider supporting our ongoing work now. As a team of near all volunteers, we greatly appreciate it. Click here to donate.