Peers must back Amendment 50

08/05/2018 News

Kyle Taylor, Director of The Fair Vote Project, explains why the House of Lords needs to vote to back Amendment 50.

The Brexit arguments over whether there should be a second referendum are divisive and it’s clear there are a range of views that are all completely legitimate.  The democracy argument, however, is simple, straightforward and unifying: If there was widespread cheating in the referendum – which all of the whistleblower evidence points to – then there is no question.  We cannot take a decision of this magnitude predicated on what seems increasingly likely to have been a manipulated vote.

The Westminster establishment are worried about causing more division in the short-term without looking at the broader implications of ignoring the facts: our democracy was cheated.  If it happened once it can (and probably will) happen again.

Peers need to stop overcomplicating this issue.  It’s about cheating and democratic integrity. Send a referendum amendment back to the commons and force the debate on the issue of our time. From there, let’s start working on ensuring the rules are stronger and better enforced.  Because whatever the question, our vote should be fair.

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