Stand up to discrimination against EU citizens in the UK

28/05/2020 News

In May 2019, the UK Government denied over a million EU citizens living here their right to vote in the EU Parliamentary election.

The3million, set up in the wake of the Brexit referendum, is an organisation that represents EU citizens living in the UK. 

They are challenging the UK Government in court and need your help. 

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In November last year, the Electoral Commission issued a special report and found that:

‘People who were entitled to vote and wanted to vote in the European Parliament elections in the UK were unable to do so. This is unacceptable in a modern democracy. Many of them rightly felt frustrated, disappointed and angry that they were unable to vote.’

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In January, the High Court ruled their case should proceed and it is now being brought forward to a firm ruling. The3million need to raise £60,000 to prepare for the review. 

And yet the Government, unwilling to accept responsibility, are determined to fight on.

This injustice should be rectified and a precedent should be set that discrimination against EU citizens, already in a precarious position, is not acceptable.

In difficult times such as these it is especially important to make sure fundamental rights are upheld and, if necessary, defended in Court.

In what has been an exceptional year, you would be forgiven for missing this story. Yet it is vitally important that this decision is challenged – both for the sake of EU citizens living here and for the future of democracy in this country.