Thank You!

08/07/2020 News

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that donated to Fair Vote UK in our recent drive.

Thanks to all of you, we hit our target for this campaign!

This will help us continue our vital work in the coming months. All of your generosity is hugely appreciated.

For the rest of 2020 (and beyond!) we will keep pressing regulators and lawmakers across the country for sensible democratic reform.

Our priorities:

  • Pushing forward with getting the 20 recommendations from our report Defending our Democracy in the Digital Age cemented in law;
  • Ensuring our democracy is invested in and made COVID-proof. Elections and parliamentary functioning cannot be suspended again;
  • Building a resource and platform that helps explain – in an easily accessible way – why the issue of data and democracy is so important to tackle.


Privacy International and the Lords Democracy and Digital Technologies Select Committee have both just released reports that independently echo Fair Vote UK’s recommendations. And the Committee on Standards in Public Life are currently conducting an inquiry into these questions which we have been invited to contribute to.

Momentum for sensible reform is building but we cannot take our foot off the pedal.

The fight for our democracy goes on and it is a fight made possible by you, so thank you.