The Hard Work Begins

07/02/2020 News

Fair Vote UK and the APPG on Electoral Campaigning Transparency published Defending Our Democracy in the Digital Age on Monday 20th January. Described by the Observer as a ‘landmark report’, it sets out 20 recommendations on how to protect UK elections and referenda from malfeasance and misbehaviour. You can download a copy of the report and annexes here.


It is the most comprehensive answer to the problems in our democratic system exposed by the Cambridge Analytica scandal.


The hard work of implementing these 20 recommendations is now upon us. Fair Vote UK, in conjunction with APPG Chair Stephen Kinnock MP and Vice-chairs Caroline Lucas MP and Deidre Brock MP will be meeting with the new government to make the case for change. The cross-party coalition will be working hard to make sure that the government listens and makes the right change to safeguard our democracy.


Real reform will only happen if new laws are brought in to respond to the threats our democracies face.


To make real change we need your help. Fair Vote UK is a small organisation that packs a punch. Since its inception it has changed the conversation on the impact of new technologies in democracies. To continue our important work we will need new support from generous donors. 


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