Trump’s Desperate Lies & The Future of Democracy

05/11/2020 News

Many of you – like us at the Fair Vote UK Team – are likely sleep deprived and a little anxious today.

Nothing is certain yet but one definitive statement we can make at this stage is: The current American President does not believe in the rule of law and does not believe in democracy.

Trump’s shameful and dishonest behaviour since Tuesday must be a final wake up call to us all.

The good news: The democratic process will continue despite his desperate attempts to subdue it.

Whatever the final result ends up being, we must now fight to preserve and strengthen the culture and the institutions of democracy. That means:

  • Taking on the anti-democratic power and influence of big tech;
  • Supporting, resourcing and celebrating the key democratic organisations: regulators, postal services, public institutions;
  • Reintroducing transparency to the heart of the democratic process.


This is a fight for the US, the UK and the whole world. It may not be sexy to talk about election safeguarding but there are few things as significant. Democracy is more than Elections. Democracy is our way of life. Is there anything more important?