We’re Demystifying Data & Democracy. Can You Help?

02/07/2020 News

The fight for our democracy can be overwhelming at times.

Not only do the malignant forces of this world seem to be on the rise, the issues we are fighting about – the misuse and abuse of data, misinformation campaigns, surveillance capitalism – can be daunting topics to wrap your head around.

This suits the people and organisations that are undermining our democracy just fine. As far as they are concerned, the less citizens know about these problems the better.

But it needn’t be like this.

Everyday the case for protecting our democracy in the digital age grows stronger and reaches wider audiences. 

The current #BoycottFacebook campaign, started by a civil rights coalition headed by the Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP, is an excellent example of this.

Lots of brilliant work has been done in this field but much of it remains dense or overly academic.

Over the summer Fair Vote UK will be working on a resource that demystifies these issues in an accessible, short and punchy way, designed with the layperson in mind.

We want this to be a resource that can reach the widest possible audience.

But we couldn’t do it without you.

Can you chip in £25 or whatever you can today to ensure we can keep making the fight for our democracy?

We’re a near totally volunteer team and rely on the generosity of supporters to do much of our work. Generosity for which we are eternally grateful.

Thank you.