Who We Are

Over the past few years we’ve watched as bad people do everything they can to undermine democracy. We’re fighting back by pushing our politicians do their job now we know Vote Leave and Leave.EU broke electoral law in the EU referendum, pursuing Arron Banks and the other “Bad Boys of Brexit” for their alleged data abuses and Russian links, preparing a class-action damages claim against Facebook for violating the data protection act, and fighting for Electoral Commission Reform and a Digital Bill of Rights to make sure this can never happen again.

Recent developments

  • Electoral Commission may have made a mistake but Vote Leave still broke the law
  • Fair Vote UK launch class-action suit against Facebook
  • Help us take Brexit to court
  • Electoral Commission finds Vote Leave broke the law, Fair Vote UK calls for immediate action.
  • British citizens are preparing a damages claim against Facebook
  • Letter to the Prime Minister
  • According to Vote Leave, Electoral Commission set to rule that they broke electoral law
  • Electoral Commission urges Parliament to act