Who We Are

Over the past few years we’ve watched as bad people do everything they can to undermine democracy. We’re fighting back by pushing our politicians to do their job now that we know Vote Leave and Leave.EU broke electoral law in the EU referendum by:


Suing to government for failing to have a public inquiry into the EU Referendum;


Fighting for Electoral Commission Reform through our APPG on Electoral Campaigning Transparency;


Championing a global accord on digital rights and regulation of big tech.

Think fair elections are worth fighting for? Join us.

Recent developments

  • Rule Breaking Still Ruling the Roost?
  • Press Release: Fair Vote UK launches crowdfunder to fight Cambridge Analytica-related data case against Arron Banks
  • Bank Holiday Surprise: The Assault on British Democracy Continues
  • APPG 6th Session Illuminates Anti-Democratic Aspects of Digital Campaigning
  • APPG Fifth Session Features Electoral Commission and ICO members
  • Fourth APPG Evidence Session Highlights the Rising Power of Data and Money in Politics
  • APPG welcomes key civil society organisations and academics at third session
  • Second APPG Oral Evidence Session