Who We Are

Over the past few years we’ve watched as bad people do everything they can to undermine democracy. We’re fighting back by pushing our politicians to do their job and leading on civil society action in the UK and around the world.


Fighting for Electoral Commission Reform in Westminster and Devolved Parliaments;


Advising global governments on how to combat disinformation and regulate social media;


Championing a global accord on digital rights. Your data should be your property.

Think fair elections are worth fighting for? Join us.

Recent developments

  • Global letter warns that OSB could make UK the world's "Disinformation Laundromat"
  • Letter to Nadine Dorries: Our "Menu" for a Rights Protecting OSB
  • Exemptions, Exceptions, & Exclusions: Gaps in the Online Safety Bill
  • Fair Vote UK Stands with Ukraine
  • How Ironic: Unelected Peers Charged with Defending Democracy
  • "Partygate" and Democratic Accountability
  • Democracy Defence Coalition (DDC): Proposed Amendments for the Elections Bill
  • A More Robust Online Safety Bill: Joint Committee on OSB Recommends a Systems Approach