What is Fair Vote UK?

We are Fair Vote UK.

Since our launch on 24 March 2018,  Fair Vote UK has achieved significant strides at holding power to account in the areas of digital accountability and democratic integrity.

Our premise: inform people and let pthem decide how we need to protect against foreign interference and data theft in our democracy. In just over two years since our launch:

  • Cambridge Analytica has been shuttered;
  • Vote Leave has been found guilty of breaking electoral law and accepted the verdict;
  • Facebook received the maximum fine for violating the data protection act;
  • A growing international consensus has emerged for regulation of social media platforms to protect democracies from the rise of disinformation and foreign interference.

Our first year was driven by headline-grabbing global news stories for our whistleblowers Christopher Wylie and Shahmir Sanni. These put us at the centre of the “news of the day.” First, Vote Leave’s now confirmed law-breaking in the EU referendum. Second, Facebook’s enabling of Cambridge Analytica to take the data of 87 million people without their consent. This allowed us to build strong relationships with organisations and governments and have significant influence on the direction of policy.

Fair Vote UK was set up to tackle the issue of data misuse, voter manipulation and lack of transparency in elections head-on. We are committed to ensuring the institutions that protect our democratic processes are fit for purpose in a digital age.

This is why we have developed a platform of simple but necessary electoral reforms and are calling for a Digital Bill of Rights to protect the right to privacy of individuals all over the world.


We are committed to transparency in our leadership and sources of support. Byline Festival provided necessary funding to launch this project. From there, we expect most support to come from individual supporters. We will make make public any contributions over £500 unless there is a legitimate concern for safety and/or privacy. To date, the following organisations and individuals have contributed more than £500 to our organisation: ByLine Festival, P. Forsyth, UK-EU Open Policy Limited (Best for Britain), M. Johnson, and the Laura Kinsella Foundation.

Online Advertising Policy

We think it’s important to be transparent about how we’re reaching people through online advertising. If you see one of our ads it is because Facebook or Twitter thinks that you are interested in: Remain, Leave, news, EU Referendum, Boris Johnson, Delete Facebook, Chris Wylie, Brexit Whistleblower, Shahmir Sanni, Theresa May, democracy, policy Studies, political science, public policy, activism, civil service, electoral reform, equal opportunity, feminism and equality, government, local government, policy, the public sector, social equality, social movements, voting, a similar organisation to Fair Vote, and/or you’ve been engaging with Brexit related news online.

Leading the project

Kyle Taylor

Kyle has spent his career working in cause-based and political campaigning from youth-led social change programmes around the world to the US Presidential campaign in 2016 and five elections in the United Kingdom. He was most recently national field campaign director at Best for Britain. In 2015 he finished a three-year post as the Chief of Staff and Campaigns Director to the then Minister of State for Justice, Sir Simon Hughes.

Photo Credit: Alick Cotterill